Public Artist Projects Navajo Life In A Dignified Way

Who Is ‘jetsonorama’?

Jetsonorama is Chip Thomas’ public artist name. In addition to being a photographer, public artist and activist, he spends most of the time on the Navajo reservation in Arizona as a physician.

Today, as I scrolled through Facebook, I noticed a short documentary produced by KQUED Arts (see below) and I couldn’t resist thinking about a few things.

Public Artist At Work, Navajo Nation

The Commitment For Public Art

It is easy to be in awe of Chip Thomas’ commitment when you take a look at Dr. Thomas’ dual role of not only being a physician, but also a documentary photographer. What’s our excuse for not finding a local cause, charity or organization where we too can give back to our community in our own special way: making art for them?

These murals aim to reflect love and appreciation of the rich history shared by the Navajo people back to Navajo people.

The Documentary

You Can Make It Happen

Dr. Chip Thomas is part of the Justseeds artists cooperative and manages The Painted Desert project. His GoFundMe page is very close to reaching its goal of raising $6000 to fund mural opportunities and youth arts education on the Navajo Nation.

Please donate liberally to make it possible for public artists like Chip Thomas and others to continue pursuing their life’s mission.

What’s Our Role As Photographers?

Assuming we aren’t always in it for the money, do we use our skills in a way that makes a direct impact on other people? As a family portrait photographer in Connecticut, I would like to think that I am transforming the lives of children and their parents. But does what we do get measured and if so by whose standards?

Sound-off below in the comments. I am curious to hear your take on this subject. And, if you are working on a personal project, please do not hesitate to contact me. Ok?

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