Check Out These Awesome Plant Fonts, Natural-Themed Formats & Other Earthly Fonts

Are you looking to start on a website or graphic design project? Then you’ll need the perfect font that fits the brand. Perhaps the type that earthly fonts and natural-themed formats provide. But if you feel like searching for the plant fonts is overwhelming, this article can help you. We have a wide range of themed layouts and wildly imaginative formats for you. What’s best about them is that you can get them for FREE.

Did you know earthly fonts are one of the commonly used styles today? This trend may be widely due to climate change, which led to a massive shift in line with today’s eco-conscious mindset. If you’re looking to create a brand or launch a campaign that features an environmental feel, may we suggest using these layouts of an earth-friendly, natural persuasion?

In this article, we gathered some of the best earthly fonts and natural-themed formats for you to use in your work. This selection features a varied mixture of plant fonts designed like logs, leaves, twigs, and flowers. You also get beach, stone, and star patterns. Even bugs and hair too. It’s creative and imaginative yet delightfully unconventional.

Rounding Up Awesome Natural-Themed Fonts

Searching for contemporary graphic elements? With so many layouts available anywhere, it can be exhaustingly overwhelming. The internet hosts an incredible amount of designs and effects. The same goes with modern fonts. There are a lot of written formats that you can find online.

For a graphic illustrator or website designer, it pays to have your specifics lined out. By knowing what you need for your work, you limit your search, thus, reducing the time and effort spent in browsing through the vast selection.

Fonts may come with a huge spectrum of styles, sizes, and shapes. These variances are necessary for the different uses they serve; i.e., headings, subheadings, logos, etc. Stylistically, to attract attention to the focal point of the design, your top font should be different from the font in the body text.

Our Top Picks of the Best Plant Fonts, Nature-Themed Formats, and Earthly Fonts

If you need bold and trendy fonts, we got it all right here, and with a twist. These modern fonts fit the latest trend in website and graphic design. What’s great is that they’re completely free. Although the premium ones may cost you, they’re not expensive though. (You can check out our original post on these plant fonts and naturally themed formats here.)

Touch of Nature

Need plant fonts with an ocean theme? This ‘submarine’ letter format is perfect for use in any aquatic design. Complete with little fishies, it’s reminiscent of fish tanks and sea-life centers.

Tree Like

Bowed and warped, Tree Like is one of those plant fonts that has a really unique look and ties in perfectly with epic high fantasy. Think: Lord of the Rings.


We love this font! Quirky, peculiar and idiosyncratic, it would be perfect for promotion of a really cool, indie band. One of the highly recommended earthly fonts

Apple Tree

One of the popular plant fonts, Apple Tree manages to look organic, despite its modern, some-might-say futuristic design. It would look great in work based around futuristic methods of sustainability and carbon conservation.

Beach Type

Beach Type is one of the best earthly fonts. It’s a chilled-out, laid-back kind of font. It’s the font you’d expect to appear on a beach bar on some exotic island.

Wood 2

Wood 2 has a classic, handmade feel. Characters seem to have been nailed together from bits of old timber. It’s perfect for work with an organic theme. Among our highly recommended plant fonts.

Flowers Cube

Flowers Cube is an embellished version of a classic, angular font. It has a real vintage feel to it.

Natural Log

Natural Log’s spindly, hand-drawn aesthetic makes it perfect for designs aimed at children.

Flower 3

Simplicity at its best, Flower 3 looks as though it was written with a blade of grass dipped in ink. It’s utterly charming. Perfect in work centred around agriculture and the countryside.

Seaweed Fire

Seaweed Fire is spiky, compact and rather dismal, but fantastic all the same. It should be used in anything to do with horror.

Charcoal First

Unruly and irregular, with some letters bigger than others, Charcoal First has a definite graffiti-like, urban quality. Talk about natural-themed letter formats. It looks like it’s been written quickly, possibly on a wall somewhere!

Wild Wood

Rooted to the ground and covered in thin shoots, Wild Wood looks like something from a modern fairytale. It has a certain Tim Burtonesque, gothic quality to it.

Stone Cold

Grungy and weathered, Stone Cold is abstract, but still easy to read. This is one of the top plant fonts. Certainly looks better when it’s bigger.

Beyond Sky

Beyond Sky is a very feminine, dreamy font. It’s gorgeous and would ideally suit being used in the beauty industry.

Wood Sticks

The cartoon-like Wood Sticks font has a cheerful, light-hearted appearance. It would look great on the menu of a vegan cafe.

Night Sky

Night Sky is such a fun font, surrounded by stars and crescent moons. Why not use it in a children’s book or on a website aimed at kids?

Bingo Star

Stars are tightly clustered together to form the letters of this highly original, delightful font. If you’re looking for a celestial-themed font that’s unique, this is the one for you.


Sleek, slick, cool and highly professional, Earth is a font fit for the ‘space age’. It’s perfect for use on promotional flyers for club nights or modern, dance music events.

Galaxy 1

Similar to the Earth font, Galaxy has a real vintage quality. Like the font used in Star Wars, it looks like it has come straight from the 70s, which is great for use in vintage designs.

Alpha Woman Hair

You can’t help but laugh when you look at this font. Cheesy and pretty ridiculous, its letters are formed from various hairstyles. Not to be taken seriously, however, it could be used to great effect in a tongue-in-cheek design.

Moon Star

Moon Star looks like something from a 60s TV show like Bewitched or The Jetsons. It’s really magical and would fit well with 60s/70s-like vintage designs.

Little Insect

So cute, Little Insect is another hand-drawn font ideal for children or companies with a soft, caring image.

Animal Caps

Each Animal Caps letter looks like an antique object. While it won’t fit with much modern graphic design, it’s so imaginative; I just had to include it in this list.

Sea Dreams

Sea Dreams looks like it’s suffered from a degree of coastal erosion itself. Soft and calming, why not use it on the front cover of a suitable novel.

JF Jungle Rock

Chunky characters, shrouded in plants and bugs, JF Jungle Rock looks like something out of a classic, tropical arcade game. It’s certainly got a hint of caveman about it.

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