Best Time To Clean And Calibrate Your Cameras And Lenses

Clean and Calibrate Your Gear

Some six years ago, Wes Kauffman, president of Perfect Image, penned a post called, “Why Calibrating Your Camera’s Lenses Is A Must For All Photographers“.

One brave man commented: “This is one giant advert telling you to contact them to have you pay for the service.” That may well be the reaction of a photographer who knows his way around the AF Calibration feature on his or her camera, but for mere mortals like you and me, I would still want a professional to take care of my gear.

In fact, Wes clearly mentions this in his original article: “Calibrating your camera is something you can do yourself, some of my customers do, and some of my customers try. The truth is a qualified repair tech can do it faster, and probably more accurately. They will have the correct tools and more importantly the experience.”

Take Care Of Your Camera Equipment

So, I don’t know about you, but when I hit a bit of a dip and experience the “slow season,” I don’t sit there twiddling my thumbs and wonder if my gear is in tip top shape, I send my cameras and lenses to Perfect Image and get it cleaned and calibrated. I’ve used their services three or four times and I am a fan.

I must have said so at one of the last meetings and Wes pressed a short stack of postcards in my hand. These cards which I gladly distribute at photographer gatherings is a simple code that will save you $10 (and yes, make me $10 in the process).

Send Your Gear In February

Follow these steps to clean and calibrate your equipment and save $10:

1) Visit Perfect Image here
2) Use the code is: NEWFRIEND and my customer code which you must also use is: SB48677.

Now through February 28th, Perfect Image is hosting its annual “Cleaning & Calibration Special” where instead of paying $149, you pay $99, but with the code above for new customers of theirs, you get to save an additional $10.

Get Your Gear Back In Time

Listen, I get it, it’s the “slow season” and every penny counts, right? So, jump on this opportunity to get your cameras and lenses cleaned and calibrated. You get to send in one body and two lenses of your choice but you can also send in additional camera bodies and lenses for a modest extra charge.

Wouldn’t you want to start your season assured that your gear isn’t going to let you down? I know I would.

For those of you who feel this post is a little too promotional in tone, rest assured I’m abiding by FCC guidelines by telling you that the codes mentioned above provides me with a small commission that helps me maintain this website for the greater good of all photographers. Ultimately, you make the decision to either use or accept the carefully curated offers mentioned here.

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